About the company

Foreign enterprise «Alteco» was found in 1995.
For long years of existence, our company confidently took one of leading places in nonwoven fabrics, natural, synthetic fillers and home textile manufacturing and sales market.
Services of our long-term experience company are widely used by leading upholstered furniture, toys, home textile, heating lining materials for overdress, fillers, lining materials or rigid cover, mattresses, sacks, ironing board and sound absorbing-heat insulation materials manufacturers, in almost all regions of Ukraine.
High quality raw materials procured  in Poland, Germany, as well as Korea, Japan and China, is an additional guarantee of the quality of our finished products.
The main goal of our company is to supply home market with high quality products, that is absolutely conformity with standards and at the same time high quality and legitimate prices.
High quality- is one of the point of the products made by trade name «Alteco»

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