Synthetic winterizer

Width: 1,5-3 m
Density: 40-500 g/m2

Sintepon T is a nonwoven anti-allergenic polyester fabric. The synthetic winterizer is widely used in the production of upholstered furniture, toys, home textiles, insulation cushioning material for outerwear, fillers, cushioning materials in the manufacture of mattresses, sleeping bags, ironing boards, and other products, as well as sound-absorbing insulation.
Syntepon production is carried out from high-quality synthetic fibers. Fiber bonding to each other is carried out without the use of glue and other toxic substances. An ordinary synthetic winterizer, which is produced in Ukraine, has nothing to do with modern high-tech material known to us as synthetic winterizer, the production of which is based on innovative methods.

The company "Alteko" carries out the production and sale of synthetic winterizer material, which has excellent consumer properties, it is safe for health, gives the products comfort and attractive appearance.
Due to the use of high-quality raw materials and our technical developments, the non-woven material Syntepon has advantages over products from other manufacturers of synthetic winterizer and has the following properties:

High thermal insulation;
Uniformity of the canvas;
Improved recoverability;
Harmless to health since made without glue;
Excellent value for money and quality.