Altmikro (NEW)

Width: 1,5-3 m
Density: 40-500 g/m2

AltMikro is a new generation nonwoven fabric. Which includes innovative microfibers. AltMikro is the best insulation for the production of adult and children's outerwear. It is in no way inferior to high-class natural materials, light as swan fluff and soft as cashmere.

Material perfectly saves heat and perfectly "breathes".

Its main characteristics:
Minimum volume with maximum thermal protection;
Ideal comfort: AltMikro's softness and drape make it possible to make comfortable, airy-light clothes that do not constrain movements;
Durability: withstands washing without problems, restores its original volume, instantly dries without losing heat-shielding properties, does not “sit” after washing;
Economic benefit: there is no need to use additional materials between the insulation and the lining fabric, as fiber migration is absent;

To preserve the properties and appearance of products with AltMikro insulation, delicate dry cleaning or steaming is recommended.

To reduce transport costs, at the request of the customer, the material can be evacuated. Before using AltMicro after vacuum packaging, it is necessary to withstand at least 24 hours in a free state at a temperature of +5 to 25 ºС.