AltFillMikro (artificial swan fluff)

Packing: 5 kg
Color: white

AltFil micro (artificial swan fluff) is a new filler used for stuffing blankets and pillows.
In the artificial filler, the conditions for the occurrence of rot and the appearance of harmful insects are eliminated, therefore, for allergy sufferers, such a substitute for natural fluff is the optimal solution.
In the manufacture of swan fluff, a new generation of ultra-thin microfiber is used. While retaining all the advantages of synthetic polyester fibers, the swan's pillow and blanket are distinguished by their unusual lightness and softness, which puts them on a par with natural fluff products. Moreover, they are durable and not allergenic.
AltFil micro is a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors.
Caring for products filled with artificial swan fluff is extremely simple. Pillows and blankets with this filler are not as demanding in everyday life as products with natural fillers. During prolonged use of blankets and pillows with filler, it is recommended to ventilate the artificial swan fluff in dry summer weather outdoors so that they are well saturated with fresh air.
One of the undoubted advantages of products with AltFil micro filler is the ability to wash in gentle temperature conditions (up to 40 ° C)
Properties of artificial swan fluff:
- high thermal insulation properties
- does not cause allergies
- voluminous, easily restoring shape, elastic filler
- free air circulation through the filler
- long-term preservation of initial consumer qualities
- Swan fluff products are easy to care for.