AltEcoBud Standard

Form factor: roll
Density: 500 g/m2
Width: 1,2 m
Length: 10 m

Advantages of AltEcoBud material:
- Environmental safety (made from hypoallergenic fibers, which are also
used for the manufacture of clothing, furniture, home textiles;
does not emit caustic dust, carcinogens and formaldehydes, which gives almost 100%
safety for humans and the environment).
- Safety at work (it is possible to work with the material without additional funds
personal protection (glasses, masks, gloves);
easily cut with ordinary scissors or a knife;
Does not cause skin irritation.
- Thermal insulation (thermal conductivity coefficient - 0.031-0.037 W / m * K).
- Soundproofing (sound absorption coefficient: from 0.8 to 0.95).
- Elasticity (makes it possible to lay insulating material in
hard to reach places and uneven surfaces without much effort).
- Durability (retains its qualities throughout the life of the structure).
- Fire safety (self-extinguishing, flame-retardant);
- Lightness (can significantly reduce the load on the structure);
- Biochemical and bactericidal resistance, resistance to decay, mold,
rodents and insects;
- Versatility (during the reconstruction of premises, repeated reusable