About us


The concept of our company is defined in the name ALTECO
 (Alt-light, eco-friendly).

Alteco was founded in 1995.

Over the years of its existence, the company has confidently taken one of the leading places in the market for the production and sale of non-woven materials, synthetic and natural fillers and home textiles.

Our products are around you

The services of our company with many years of experience are used by leading manufacturers: upholstered furniture, toys, manufacturers of bedding, insulation material for outerwear, fillers, cushioning material or hard flooring in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, mattresses, sleeping bags, ironing boards, and other products, as well as sound-absorbing insulation in almost all regions of Ukraine.

Highest quality ALTECO products

The high quality of raw materials purchased by us in Poland, Germany, as well as Korea and China is an additional guarantee of the quality of our final products. The main goal of the company is to supply quality products to the domestic market that fully meet the standards and at the same time maintain a reasonable combination of price and quality. Quality is one of the main advantages of products with the Alteco trademark.

Nonwovens Production


Sale of raw materials for the production of nonwoven materials

Quilting services

The foreign enterprise Alteco is one of the leaders in the production of quilted fabrics for the clothing and furniture industries. We have quilted fabrics made using threads, as well as quilted fabrics using ultrasound (thermal bending).

Home Textile Manufacturing

"AltecoBud" construction heater

Promotional Products!

Wholesale Customers and Dealers

FE "ALTECO" provides the best conditions to its Clients and supports them in the development of the dealer network. Our customers receive:

  • Favorable competitive prices;
  • Production of the right amount of products clearly on time;
  • High quality product in accordance with the standards;
  • Help in arranging delivery;
  • and more.
Main office
Kiev region, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district,
p. Sofievskaya Borshchagovka, st. Cathedral, 118
(by GPS st. Oksamitova 2)
+38 066 636-20-20
+38 067 509-16-25
+38 044 276-47-23
+38 044 276-14-07
For all questions of wholesale trade and production
Kyiv branch
Kiev, st. Vasily Lipkovsky, 1
(check-in from Kudryashov St.)
+38 066 635-20-20
+38 044 245-41-96
+38 044 245-47-93

For all questions of wholesale trade and production
Western branch
Lviv region,
Zolochev, st. Karmelyuka, 12
+38 067 362 65 44
+38 03265 4-66-39

For all questions of wholesale trade and production
years in the Ukrainian and world market
more than one hundred types of products
tons of raw materials are processed monthly
production lines

Our advantages

Quality products
We carefully monitor the quality of our products and guarantee the fulfillment of the declared characteristics.
Characteristics under the Client
It is possible to manufacture products according to individual technical requirements of the Client.
Large warehouse
Always in stock a large number of finished products ready for shipment
Wide range of
A wide range of finished products will satisfy most of the needs for non-woven materials.
Always on time
We ensure the execution of orders of our customers on time
Appreciate every customer
We always take into account the interests of our customers and try to satisfy them.

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